Low on Hit Points by Michael
Probably About Women
published 2013
Poetry. Real poetry. In our modern age. Can you believe it? No quaint devices. No forced conventions. And conversely: No contemporary triviality. No supermarket spirituality. No greeting card epiphany. For poetry speaks. And she has something to say. And will you listen?
A thin volume of blunt, experimental, one-page poems, Probably About Women is in the process of being edited and added to a larger work of collected lyrics, or to be more accurate, other unreleased material is being added to it, and thus, as the book was never much of a seller, being largely unadvertised, this work is, for the time being:
Out of Print
Second Edition
publishing T.B.D.
Previously on this site... I published a series of three essays concerning narrative art criticism. These essays will be collected in the next edition of my collected poetry. They pretty much are poetry.
The finalized book will include the original volume of Probably About Women, with a series of new poems, the essays, plus the entire collection will be fronted by a short epic poem.
For now, I give you the original three essays, plus a fragment:
Low on Hit Points, since 2008
To put the past in order, this website was once a blog, originally concerning video games, though no one read me in that day, for like many first attempts, it lacked a defining vision... not to mention the "me" was supposed to be a "we".
Thereafter, this site became an anime blog, one that quite a few did read, thanks in no small part to a small community that formed a 'sphere and passed the word around, and no thanks in no small part to frequent design changes (so frequent, that one visitor came and commented, then came back again and, coming upon his first comment, expressed his confusion over having ever commented here in the first place).
What little I once wrote, with the word count and the post amount nearly as lacking as what was said, has long since vanished into the tangled archive of the web, and this is fine, as the mind that I once had has too been written over, by new ideas and new ideals that are better expressed in an older medium, that of the printed word.
Nevertheless, I've chosen to screen capture, not the words, but the looks most indicative of the wavering direction this site had seen over its short lifespan, and so here they follow, along with a short word on each, to express what once was:
17 designs
Launched a game blog, but never advertised. Taken offline quickly.
site design
Anime draws my attention away from games. Never live.
site design
"Stop! You're at the back of the blog." Clever, but never live.
site design
1st live page w/ visitors, an anime schedule & blogosphere search.
site design
2nd live edition, removing the schedule I was too lazy to update.
site design
3rd live edition. Dropped the search. Losing design elements.
site design
No images, only text. An attempt at clean minimalism. Never live.
site design
A look I could never pull, lacking the content to fill it. Never live.
site design
4th live, to reverse minimalism by fronting the entire archive.
site design
The individual post layout from the same edition.
site design
Designed to counter free flowing white pages of the past. Never live.
site design
Simplicity strikes back. No actual blogging is occurring. Never live.
site design
To get me back in the game, I harken an older look. Never live.
site design
For sexy large pictures that don't need to be top aligned. Never live.
site design
Appears on the iPad screen just as this image is cropped. Never live.
site design
2-column magazine for text & text. Built for an essay. Never live.
site design
5th live edition: unpictured. Just text on the white void. No style; a temporary style, for writing to exist free from style. The goal at the time was to write and be concerned w/ nothing else.
It worked: "on narrative" was written.
6th live... version. No longer a blog, but an online portfolio.
site design